| The Buy Box: Increase your chances of winning the Amazon Featured offer with Click & Collect

Get ahead of your competition and secure the top spot in the popular Amazon Buy Box available to win for Amazon Professional sellers!

Hey there, fellow Amazon sellers! We’ve got something exciting to talk about: the Amazon Buy Box. This magical box is the key to increasing your sales and visibility on the platform, so let’s dive right in and learn all about it!

Amazon Buy Box

Why the Buy Box is Important for Your Business

Okay, so what exactly is the Buy Box? It’s that awesome little box on the right side of a product listing page where customers can click “Add to Cart” and voila! Their purchase is on its way. This box is super valuable, like a golden ticket, because a whopping 82% of all Amazon sales happen through it. Can you believe that?

Winning the Buy Box or now called Featured Offer on Amazon is particularly important for mobile shoppers. When a mobile shopper finds a product they like, they have to scroll quite far down to find the “Other sellers on Amazon” option if they want to bypass the Buy Box. This makes winning the Buy Box even more valuable.

It’s also worth noting that there are over 126 million unique mobile users in the United States who visit Amazon every month, which is triple the number of desktop users. So, winning the Buy Box can really give your sales a massive boost. Plus, your conversion rates will soar.

Furthermore, if Amazon chooses your product for the Buy Box, it will help build trust in your brand as an authority in your industry. Being in the Buy Box shows that you have fast shipping times, high-quality products, and excellent customer service. Overall, winning the Buy Box is a great achievement for any seller on Amazon.

 | The Buy Box: Increase your chances of winning the Amazon Featured offer with Click & Collect

Key Metrics That Amazon’s Buy Box Algorithm Looks For:

Now, let’s get into how this Buy Box thing works. Amazon’s algorithm is like a super-secret recipe that takes into account a bunch of factors to determine which lucky seller gets featured. Here’s the scoop:

  1. Price competitiveness: Amazon wants to give customers the best deal, so sellers with prices that match market trends have a higher chance of winning the Buy Box. So, keep an eye on those prices!
  2. Fulfillment method: Amazon loves sellers who use their own fulfillment services, like FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and Click & Collect, because it means faster and more reliable shipping, reduced return rates and overall customer satisfaction.
  3. Order defect rate: If you’re all about delivering top-notch products and providing excellent customer service, you’re on the right track. Sellers with a stellar track record have a better shot at winning the Buy Box. When customers collect directly in store the order defect rate automatically decreases. Keep those customers smiling!
  4. Inventory availability: Consistency is key here, folks. Make sure your products are always in stock and ship them out to customers pronto. Click & Collect helps you manage order inventory more easily. Amazon loves sellers who can keep up with the demand.

Check your Amazon Buy Box Eligibility

Hey there! If you’re hoping to win the Amazon Buy Box, the first thing you need to do is check if you’re eligible.

Here’s the deal: starting in 2023, only sellers with a Professional Seller account can compete for the Buy Box. So if you haven’t upgraded yet, you’ll need to do that first.

Now, let’s talk about eligibility. Amazon is really focused on product quality these days, so having a low order defect rate (ODR) is key. This measures the percentage of orders returned within 60 days due to a defective product. The lower your ODR, the better.

With Click & Collect, customers not only have in-stock insurance but have better chance of, “what you see, is what you get” by collecting in store, promoting overall customer satisfaction and reducing product return rates.

If you want to see if any of your individual product listings have already won the Buy Box, just head to your Amazon Seller Central account. From there, follow these steps to check the Featured Offer status. Easy peasy!

 | The Buy Box: Increase your chances of winning the Amazon Featured offer with Click & Collect
  • Once logged into your Seller Central account, head to the Manage Inventory page
  • Click Preferences
  • Select the option “Buy Boy Eligible”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.
  • Sellers can see their status of every product listing (ASIN) in the Buy Box Eligible column.

Tips for Winning the Amazon Buy Box with Click & Collect:

Here are a few tips to help you successfully use Amazon Click & Collect and increase your chances of winning the Buy Box:

  1. Ensure product availability: To offer Click & Collect, you must have the products in stock at your store. Make sure you have enough inventory to fulfill customer orders and have the necessary staff and resources to process in-store pickups.
  2. Promote your Click & Collect program: Let your customers know that you offer Click & Collect as a convenient way to receive their orders. Highlight the benefits of Click & Collect, such as saving on shipping costs and the ability to pick up their items at their convenience.
  3. Provide clear instructions: Make it easy for customers to pick up their orders by providing clear instructions on how to do so. Clearly indicate where and how customers can collect their orders in-store. Ensure your store is well-organized and accessible for a seamless pickup experience.
  4. Track performance: Monitor your Click & Collect sales and performance to identify areas for improvement. Keep track of customer feedback and address any concerns or issues promptly. Adjust your strategy as needed to ensure optimal performance.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box with Click & Collect and increase your sales.

How Click & Collect Can Help Sellers Win the Buy Box?

Click & Collect is a feature that allows customers to purchase items online and pick them up in-store. Click & Collect can help sellers win the Buy Box in a few ways:

  1. Increased convenience for customers: Offering Click & Collect gives customers a quick and convenient way to get their products. As a result, sellers who provide this option are more likely to be chosen by customers who prioritize ease and efficiency.
  2. Enhanced customer satisfaction: Customers who can pick up their orders in-store tend to have a better overall experience compared to those who have to wait for their orders to be shipped. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and potentially more positive reviews for your business.
  3. Reduced shipping costs: By eliminating the need to ship orders to customers’ homes, sellers can significantly lower their shipping costs. This can have a positive impact on your bottom line and make your business more cost-effective.
  4. Increased foot traffic & sales: In addition to the benefits mentioned above, offering in-store pickup can attract more customers to your physical stores. This can potentially increase sales and give you additional opportunities to upsell or cross-sell products.
  5. Competitive advantage: With millions of sellers on Amazon, winning the Buy Box is like taking home the gold medal. Click & Collect puts you ahead of the competition, helping you capture a bigger piece of that sweet market share.

Overall, Amazon Click & Collect is a valuable feature that can help sellers optimize their sales. If you are an Amazon professional seller, we highly recommend exploring the option of implementing Amazon Click & Collect. Effortlessly introduce this feature, benefiting your sales, customer experience, and shipping expenses. You can download Amazon Click & Collect by ToolE here if you are on Prestashop.

Not on Prestashop? The same connector and Integration system is also available on Shopify under the BOPIS (Buy On Line Pick-up in Store) name.

Wrapping it Up

When it comes to winning the Buy Box on Amazon, it’s important to keep in mind that the algorithm is always evolving. There are many factors involved in determining whether a seller’s product will win the Buy Box, so it can be a bit challenging to estimate.

The good news is that each product listing is evaluated individually, so you have the opportunity to outperform your competition with a specific product. Just make sure that all of your products are optimized to increase their chances of winning the Buy Box if they are eligible.

In conclusion, my fellow sellers, the Buy Box is the ultimate prize on Amazon. Amazon Click & Collect is a convenient option for customers to purchase products, leading them to prefer sellers who offer this service. With the ability to pick up orders in-store, customers have a better experience compared to waiting for shipping and order guarantees. This ultimately boosts seller ratings on Amazon and increases the chances of securing the buy box.

Feel free to visit our help center for more tips on integrating Amazon & Click collect:

Download Amazon Click & Collect on Prestashop.

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