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Grow your business and maximize sales with Amazon Click & Collect!

Explore the advantages of implementing Amazon Click & Collect in-store (BOPIS) on our platform and unlock the potential for growth as an Amazon seller. This sought-after service enables customers to conveniently purchase products online while also offering the convenience of picking them up at your physical store. By incorporating this feature, you can elevate your business and experience numerous benefits that will enhance your overall success.

Solutions for Prestashop & Shopify

We are qualified Prestashop and Shopify Partners. Having developed several apps for both Partners and with over a decade of expertise in building e-Commerce applications and modules, we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry. Our groundbreaking “eTools” have been meticulously crafted to eliminate time-consuming and labor-intensive processes from your online e-commerce operations. By leveraging our deep market insights and solution-focused strategy, we can optimize your workflow and boost your return on investment.

Omnichannel distribution is the key to reaching and engaging customers across multiple touchpoints. Our proven strategies seamlessly integrate your online and offline channels, allowing your customers to enjoy a consistent and personalized experience. By leveraging omnichannel distribution, you can expand your reach, drive customer loyalty, and maximize your sales potential.

PrestaShop is a powerful open-source software that brings together a global community of users. It empowers ambitious entrepreneurs and businesses to create and expand their own e-commerce websites. With a staggering number of nearly 300,000 active sites worldwide, PrestaShop stands as the leading open-source e-commerce solution in both Europe and Latin America. If you have or will join this thriving community for your online business, you’ll be able to directly integrate our Amazon Click & Collect solution.

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create and manage their online stores. It provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features to help entrepreneurs build their brands and sell products. With customizable themes, payment options, and marketing tools, Shopify enables businesses to showcase their products effectively and cater to their target audience. The platform also offers secure hosting, reliable customer support, and easy integration with different tools and apps. 

Both solutions are meticulously crafted through a collaborative effort with the Amazon engineering team, ensuring seamless integration and enabling instant order placement, stock update and fulfillment from your Eshop back-office.

Easily connect your Shopify & Prestashop stores to Click & Collect. Improve margins by eliminating shipping expenses on orders picked up in-store. Optimize your inventory and ROI by making the same inventory available online and to retail shoppers. Continue building customer relationships and Improve Your In-Store Traffic numbers

Click & Collect is Amazon’s local selling program that allows you to set certain products to be picked up in store after purchase. This way you can bring your online customers to your local store!

Buy Online Pickup In Store

Benefits of Amazon Click & Collect

There are many benefits to using Amazon Click & Collect including: 

Increase Conversions Icon

Increase conversion rates

Click and collect, also known as BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store), presents a great opportunity for Amazon sellers to increase their conversion rates. By giving customers the choice to collect their purchases in-store, sellers can significantly boost the likelihood of them completing their purchases.

Increasing Customers Icon

Gain more customers

Incorporating the Click & Collect approach can significantly boost the number of people visiting your stores and expand your customer base by introducing your products to individuals who might not have stumbled upon them otherwise.

Customer Satisfaction Icon

Increase customer satisfaction

Click & Collect offers a superior customer experience by offering convenience and flexibility, resulting in increased customer satisfaction levels.

Lower Cost Icon

Lower fulfillment costs

This empowers Amazon sellers to decrease their expenses associated with shipping and handling, leading to a notable improvement in overall profitability.

Reduced Return Rates Icon

Reduced return rate

Click & Collect provides Amazon sellers with the opportunity to strengthen their brand reputation by offering a seamless shopping experience that prioritizes customer satisfaction.


Buy Box

By ensuring a well-stocked inventory and prominently displaying the Click&Collect option to Amazon buyers, you significantly increase your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box.

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Amazon Buy Box

How to take advantage of the largest global marketplace in 2023 with Amazon Click & Collect

Introducing ToolE's newest Amazon service called Click & Collect. This is a new trend in shopping that's changing the game - Click & Collect (Also known as Bopis in the US) allows you to shop for your favorite products online and then conveniently pick them up at your local store. With just a few clicks, customers can save time and skip the hassle of traditional shopping. Let's delve into the world of Click & Collect and discover all the benefits it has to offer!

The Buy Box: Increase your chances of winning the Amazon Featured offer with Click & Collect

Get ahead of your competition and secure the top spot in the popular Amazon Buy Box available to win for Amazon Professional sellers! Hey there, fellow Amazon sellers! We’ve got something exciting to talk about: the Amazon Buy Box. This magical box is the key to increasing your sales and visibility on the platform, so let’s dive right in and learn all about it!

Our Click & Collect Software

At ToolE, we proudly present a revolutionary software platform that revolutionizes the way Amazon sellers manage Click & Collect orders. Our cutting-edge software automates every aspect of order processing, inventory management, and reporting, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on expanding your business. With ToolE’s software, expect real-time inventory updates, streamlined order processing, and user-friendly reporting tools at your fingertips. Our software seamlessly integrates with other channels, guaranteeing a cohesive and delightful experience for your customers.

Open-Source Software For E-Commerce Websites

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We are dedicated to providing you with the best support in order to achieve the best results when using our apps. Feel free to contact our support and our help center for easy tips and tricks! 

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